Shared Komodo Island Tours

A shared Komodo tour package will take you to explore the Komodo National Park with a group of travelers from various countries. You will be on one of our luxury boat tours with a capacity of 12 to 20 passengers. The shared Komodo island tours depart every Friday from Labuan Bajo.

Dite Tour will connect you to the new brand boats with high-quality service, reliability, safe with international standards of safety. You can choose any cabin available on each preferred boat that is suited to your style. We only provide the selected Komodo boat tour with a great track record.

The shared Komodo island tours will allow you to visit nine or more top destinations in Komodo National Park. You will enjoy snorkeling with Manta Rays, trekking with Komodo Dragons, hiking on Padar, and enjoying the perfect pink sand beach.

How Long do the Shared Komodo island tours take?

At the moment Dite Tour only offers 3 Days 2-night shared Komodo island tours. This type of Komodo island tour package departs from Labuan Bajo. It departs on Friday and will finish on Sunday in the afternoon.

When you plan to join the sheared Komodo tour, we recommend to fit into the schedule with our boat tour. Otherwise, you can join a private Komodo tour package from Labuan Bajo which can depart at your schedule.

Besides the 3-day and 2-night shared tour, we also have 2 Day 1-night tour package. The schedules are on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. This shared Komodo island boat tour is perfect if you do not have enough time on your holiday. You will be able to visit six or more places in Komodo National Park.

The other option for the shared tour to Komodo Island is a one-day tour on a speedboat from Labuan Bajo. This tour will allow you to explore six places in Komodo National Park. At the moment a shared speedboat tour with a regular speedboat is not a luxury but comfortable and perfect for your day trip.

What are Included in the Shared Komodo Island Tours?

The shared Komodo tour will be inclusive of a luxury boat tour, hotel transfers, a tour guide, snorkeling gear, a private cabin with facilities based on your book, and meals based on local foods. For complete what service, you can see on each tour package. The boats will serve different services to each other.

All the Komodo share tours will not include the Komodo National Park entrance fee. You will have to pay the different costs with an estimated IDR 500.000 per person. This entrance fee will be paid directly to the park authority once you get there. For more details of the entrance fee, you can visit the page Komodo Entrance fee cost.

This trip also does not include personal drone use on Padar Island and other islands surrounding it. If you want to use a drone, you will have to pay by yourself directly to each island authority. Each island will have a different cost for drone use.

Is it possible to join a shared Komodo Tour if I arrive on a flight from Bali on the same day the tour starts?

Yes, it is. However, you will need to take an early flight from Bali. It is recommended to get on a flight at least 07. 30 am from Denpasar. The flight from Denpasar, Bali will take approximately 1 ½ hours to get to Labuan Bajo. So, you will be in Labuan Bajo at 09.00 am or 09.30 am. This will be possible to catch the boat at 10.30 am.

This tour arrangement will also be able to pick you up from the airport. What you need to do is you have to inform your flight details once making a reservation. The collection or pick-up estimate from the airport is from 09.00 am to 09.30 am. The contact details of a driver will be sent to you in advance. In case of a flight delay, you will need to let us know.

For the best arrangement, we do not recommend joining a tour if you arrive on the same date as the tour. We recommend staying in Labuan Bajo a night before the trip.

Is it possible to combine the Komodo shared tour package with the Flores Tour?

Yes, it is. This shared tour is possible to combine with a private Wae Rebo tour package or other similar tours in Flores.

A combination tour package is also one of the best recommended to do while visiting Komodo and Flores. You can visit both destinations in one go trip from Labuan Bajo.

The Komodo Flores tour package will be arranged in both ways, private and shared tour. You will be on a private Flores tour and continue to a shared boat tour to Komodo. This type of tour is possible to start from Maumere and Labuan Bajo.

One of our most popular combination trips is a mix between the Goa Rangko half-day tour and the Komodo Island tour. You can first take a Komodo Island tour and then continue to join a Goa Rangko tour in Labuan Bajo. Another way is possible to start with a private Goa Rangko cave tour and then continue to Komodo.

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