The Climate

The Climate on Komodo National Park and Flores In general, Indonesia has a dry season and a rainy season. As Komodo and Flores are part of Indonesia, therefore the climate is also the same as other places in Indonesia.

The dry season is coming from April to the end of September. Meanwhile, the rainy season is coming from October to the end of March. The heavy rain is coming between January to February.

The Climate Change in Komodo National Park

Komodo National Park is part of Indonesia which is located in the East Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia. The weather is hot and very dry during the dry season, between June to August. Meanwhile, from April, May, and September, the park looks greener.

The bad weather is coming more from January to February. During these months, there will be a big wave, wind, and rain.

Recommended time to Visit Komodo National Park

Komodo National Park is best to visit during the dry season. However, you can also visit the park during the rainy season at a specific time. During the rainy season, you can visit in October, December, and March. This is also a recommended time to go diving in the Komodo National Park area.

It is not recommended to visit from January to February. It is due to the bad weather, storms, rough seas, and wind. Most Komodo boat tours will not run the tour during these months.

Best Time to Visit Flores Island

The best time to visit Flores is during the dry season, between April to September. Flores has mostly warm weather. However, in some areas, the weather is very cold.

Bajawa and Ruteng are two places where the weather is very cold. When you plan to visit these towns, you will need to bring a jacket or raincoat. Labuan Bajo, Ende, and other places are warm enough.

During the rainy season, Flores Island has a very hard rain. The more rain is coming between December, January, and February. These months is not very recommended to visit Flores.

Best Recommended Places to Visit in Flores and Komodo

Tourism in Flores and Komodo is a world highlight. There are many tourist spots where you can spend your holiday. Beach, volcano mountains, culture and tradition, wildlife, and amazing underwater marine life are all found.

Flores is an agricultural island. Most of the population works on farms. The coffee plant, vanilla, Rice field, coconuts, and other plants are found on the island.

The best time to see the harvest of rice is between May and June. During harvest time the climate is warm and some parts are cold. It is a dry season when you can enjoy more the Island.

The following are recommended tourist destinations to visit:
  • Komodo Island
  • Rinca Island
  • Padar Island
  • Long Pink Beach
  • Manta Point
  • Wae Rebo Village
  • Bena Village
  • Kelimutu Lake
  • Goa Rangko Cave

For more ingesting places to visit, you can see the page destinations and places to visit on Flores and Komodo. There are over 20 tourist places to visit including Komodo National Park. You can enjoy any holiday activities.

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