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Visiting Komodo National Park

Komodo National Park is located in Lesser Sunda Island, western tip of Flores Island. It is part of East Nusa Tenggara Province, Indonesia.

The only way to get to Komodo is by using a boat tour from Labuan Bajo, West Flores.

Depending on the island where you want to go. If you want to visit Komodo Island, use a high speedboat, it will take approximately 1 ½ hour. You can also join a boat tour 3 days 2 nights or join a day tour with a speedboat.

There is a possibility to depart from Bali, however, you will need to fly from Denpasar to Labuan Bajo and then get on a boat tour from Labuan Bajo to Komodo.

Yes, you can join a Komodo boat tour for 4 Days and 3 Nights from Lombok. However, the boat tour uses a very standard local Phinisi boat.

You can hike on Padar Island, Snorkelling, diving, see the Komodo Dragons on Rinca or Komodo Island, lounge on pink sand beach, fishing, swim with Manta Rays, having sunset or sunrise on Padar and Gili Lawa.

At the moment there are 1.728 on Komodo Island and 1.385 on Rinca Island. Meanwhile, Padar Island has 19, Motang Island has 81 and Nusa Kode Island has 90 living lizard species.

The best time to visit Komodo National Park is from March to September. October, November, and December are also recommended if you want to see the park look much greener and not so touristy. Meanwhile, January to February will not be recommended due to bad weather and heavy rain.

You can find deer, Komodo Dragons, wild roars, birds, snakes, sharks, whale sharks, Manta Rays, and colorful of fish.

Yes, there are on Komodo Island and Rinca Island. The number of populations on Komodo Island is more than Rinca Island. There is 1.728 of the population on Komodo Island and 1.385 on Rinca

No, there are no hotels or restaurants found in the National Park.

Yes, you can. However, you will need to contact the local agent or Island authority to make sure the spot to do a film shooting.

Yes, you can take a photograph of the island of Komodo and surround it.

You will need to pay for the video shooting and drone on Padar. Meanwhile, Komodo and Rinca are not allowed to use drones.

The estimated cost is approximately IDR 1.000.000 to IDR 3.000.0000

Yes, you can dive into the Komodo National Park

Yes, you can go fishing on the Komodo National Park

Yes, it is. Komodo type of monitoring lizard, it can smell pray at a distance of 20-kilo meters

Ask for help at your rangers

Yes, Padar Island is located in the Komodo National Park area. It is one of the destinations to visit while you are in Komodo.

You can join a boat tour from Labuan Bajo, a day tour, or an overnight tour

Yes, you can. However, you will need to pay the fee to the authority.

No, you cannot, there is no accommodation on the island.

Yes, it is.

You can trek to find Komodo Dragons and a beautiful view over the island.

Yes, it is. Pink Beach is located in the north of Komodo Island.

You can snorkel and swim or lounge on the beautiful pink sand beach.

Komodo Boat Tours

At Dite tour, you can only find deluxe and luxury boat tours.

Yes, we have selected all the International standard safety boats for your best travel experience.

The boat departs in the morning and mid-day, 06.00 am for a day tour and 10.30 am for 3 days and 2-night tour or 4 days 3 nights.

Labuan Bajo harbour, West Flores

Shared boat tour can go with 12 or 20 people, depend on numbers of booked. Private trip can go on any number with maximum 20 people.

Yes, there are foods on the boat which is include on the boat tour price.

Seafood and Indonesian food

Yes, they are providing on the boat, however not all the boat provides complete. Some only soap and towels. So, in case, you will need to bring your own.

Yes, the boat has bathroom, toilet, and shower.

Yes, there is

Yes, they are

You can, however it is recommended to go on a shared tour which is allow you to share the room with other travellers.

Yes, there is

Yes, it is including hotel transfers, pick up and drop off.

Yes, you cab bring the luggage on the boat. There will place to pot your luggage on the boat.

Yes, the snorkelling gear are including on the tour price.

No, the tour is not including diving activity. You need to book at dive centre if you want to do diving.

No, this tour is a leisure tour. However, if you want to do fishing, you can ask to join a private Komodo island fishing trip.

No, it is not. You will have to pay by your self directly to the island authority.

The Komodo National Park entrance fee is IDR 500.000 per person. This cost is for whole the places to visit on the tour itinerary.

At the moment Dite Tour offers Full day tour with high speedboat (8 to 10 hours), 2 days 1 night tour, 3 days 2-night Komodo tour, 4 days 3-night Komodo island tour.

This tour is running by boat operator which is listed on this website

Visiting Flores Island

Flores Island is located in the East Nusa Tenggara province, Indonesia.

You can fly from Denpasar, Bali to Labuan Bajo, Maumere, Ende or Ruteng. You can also get on bus from Lombok or Bali.

You can visit Kelimutu volcano, trek on Inerie mountain, visit traditional village Waerebo, Bena, Wolongai, waterfalls, enjoy the beautiful rice field, and culture of the island.

The best time to visit Flores is during the dry season, between March to September.

Yes, it is. Wae Rebo is located in Manggarai Regency, the west Flores Island.

Kelimutu volcano lake is located in Ende regency, the east of Flores Island.

Yes, it is part of Indonesia.

There is almost no dive spot found on Flores Island, the only possibility is in Komodo National Park.

Yes, there is Inerie mountain and Kelimutu volcano mountain.

Yes, it is. Bena village is located in the central of Flores Island.

You can take flight from Denpasar Bali to Maumere. Or join a tour from Labuan Bajo.

Koka beach is located in Maumere regency, east Flores Island.

Yes, it is. Spider rice field is located in Manggarai, West Flores.

You can join the tour from Labuan Bajo or Ruteng.

Yes, you can.

Private Flores Tours

The Flores Island tour will serve in a private arrangement

You can start from Labuan Bajo, Maumere, or Ruteng. However, Labuan Bajo is the most recommended to start exploring Flores Island.

The minimum to join this tour is 1 person and maximum 10 people

Yes, it is including hotel transfers, pick up and drop off in Labuan Bajo, Ruteng, Maumere, and Ende.

You can book at leas1 1 week before the departure date.

It depends on the type of tour packages you book. If you book a day tour to Goa Rangko, the cost will be EURO 90 per person. However, if you book on a 2 days Wae Rebo village tour, the cost estimate is EURO 360 per person.

At Dite Tour you can find one day tour which is spend about 8 hours or there will be over night tour of 2 days 1 night.

Some Flores tour packages including the meals, but some are not. Overnight tour to Wae Rebo will include dinner and breakfast in Wae Rebo village.

Yes, you can take a flight from Bali to Labuan Bajo or Maumere, then our team will pick you up from the airport.

For some tour, there will be include the hotel or accommodation. The example is when you book on a Flores overland tour from Labuan Bajo for 7 days 6 nights.

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