Komodo National Park

Komodo National Park is located on Western Flores Island. It is part of Indonesia's archipelago which is famous for being the place where Komodo Dragons are inhabitants. The National Park is populated by around more than 5000 giant lizards.

The Komodo National Park is composed of three large islands (Rinca, Komodo Island, and Padar Island) and some small islands. Besides that, the National Park also has some beautiful beaches and numerous dive sites.

Rinca and Komodo Island are the places where the Komodo Dragons are mostly inhabitants. There are over 2000 Komodo found on both islands. Meanwhile, small numbers can be found on Motang Island.

What to Experience in Komodo National Park?

Komodo National Park Komodo National Park consists of a small group of Islands. The number of islands are the best tourist destinations which attract millions of eyes around the globe.

The best places to visit:
  • Rinca
  • Komodo Island
  • Manjarite Beach
  • Kalong Island
  • Manta Point
  • Long Pink Beach
  • Gili Lawa
  • Siaba Island
  • Kanawa Island
  • Kelor Island
  • Padar Island
  • Taka Makassar
  • Strawberry Rock

The following are things to experience:

  • Trekking on Padar Island for a spectacular view. The Padar is a famous island where you can enjoy sunrise or sunset. You will hike for approximately 30 minutes to the top of the island. You will also enjoy the beautiful white sand beach on the island.

  • Snorkelling at Manjarite island. The Manjarite is one of the recommended snorkelling spots in Komodo. This island offers a magnificent underwater life. You can enjoy the amazing coral gardens and colourful fish.

  • Having sunset from the boat at Kalong Island while watching the bats flying over the island. Kalong is a mangrove island. There is no population on the island. The island is one of the best-recommended places to spot sunset.

  • Relax on the Pink sand beach, and enjoy one of the most beautiful beaches. Snorkelling and swimming are also recommended in this place.

  • Hiking on Komodo or Rinca Island to find Komodo Dragons. Rinca Island and Komodo are two places where you will have the possibility to see the Komodo Dragons. You will also experience the local life on both islands.

  • Trek on Gili Lawa, snorkelling, and swimming. Gili Lawa is one of the best viewpoints to enjoy while joining a Komodo boat tour.

  • Snorkelling at Siaba Island. This island is famous for being the best place to see turtles. You can also enjoy the coral reef and beautiful white sand beach on the island.

  • Hiking on Kanawa Island. Kanawa Island is a small island located close to Labuan Bajo. This island offers a beautiful view.

  • Snorkelling on Kelor Island, hiking for s beautiful view, and enjoying the white sand beach. Kelor offers a stunning view.

  • Visit Manta Point, snorkelling with schools of Manta Rays. Manta Point is the best place to spot Manta Rays.

  • Take a beach walk at Taka Makassar and enjoy the white sand bar. Snorkelling and swimming are also possible to do in this place.

  • Sunset at Strawberry Rock. Enjoy the red rock while having a sunset. This place is located near Labuan Bajo.

Diving in Komodo National Park

At Komodo National Park, you will also be able to go diving. The Komodo is one of the world-class dive sites in Indonesia. There are over 20 dive sites that you can explore in the park. You can arrange a private or shared dive trip to Komodo Island from Labuan Bajo.

The dive centres are spread around the tourism area in Labuan Bajo. Most likely to offer a day trip dive and a Liveaboard dive trip. For the best dive trip experience, it is recommended to book on a Liveaboard. This will allow you to explore more of the dive sites in Komodo.

How to Get to Komodo?

The best way to get to Komodo National Park is by joining a Komodo Island tour package from Labuan Bajo. There are various Komodo tour packages you can join.

Labuan Bajo is a small town located on the western tip of Flores Island. It is the main gate to start the Komodo boat trip. In this town, you will find some type of accommodation to stay in before or after the Komodo tour.

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