Siaba Island Komodo, Snorkeling with Turtles

Siaba Island Komodo, Snorkeling with Turtles

Siaba Island is located in Komodo National Park. It is well-known as one of the excellent snorkeling among sea turtles. This island is also called Turtle City.

Besides the turtle, you will also find amazing coral reefs and colorful fish. The reef around Siaba Island is approximately 6 meters deep. This Island is also the best site for diving in Komodo National Park.

The snorkeling spot on this island is perfect for beginners and advanced. You can start the snorkeling from the north side. On this side, you will find a beautiful coral reef.

Getting to Siaba Island Komodo National Park

The best way to get to Siaba Island is by joining luxury Komodo Island boat tours from Labuan Bajo. Several boat tours offer daily departures and some are scheduled on the weekend. The boat tour from Labuan Bajo will cover a visit to Siabal Island.

Labuan Bajo is located in the west of Flores Island, Indonesia. It is a small town where you can get a boat tour to Komodo National Park.

A flight from Denpasar Bali is the best way to get to Labuan Bajo. The flight will take approximately one hour. Flights frequently depart daily from Bali.

What to Experience in Siaba Island?

In general, the thing to experience in Siaba Island is its amazing underwater marine life. However, the island also offers a beautiful white sand beach for relaxation. There is no population on the Island, it looks peaceful.

The following are things to experience on Siabal Island:

  • Snorkeling with turtles. Siaba is one of the best places in Komodo National Park to spot turtles. Besides that, you will also find colorful fish and amazing coral reefs.
  • Lounge on the beautiful white sand beach or sunbathing. Enjoy the peaceful vibes of the island.

For things to experience during the Komodo island boat trip, you can find them in each package. The things to do are based on a place to visit once you do the Komodo tour.

The Best Time to Visit the Island

Siaba Island in Komodo National Park is best to visit all the time. However, during the rainy season, not all the boat tours from Labuan Bajo are running the tour.

If you plan to visit the island, it is advisable to visit during the dry season, from April to September. During the dry season, the sea is quite calm and it is best to take a boat trip.

During the rainy season, you can also join the tour to Komodo. November, December, and March are the best time to join the tour. Meanwhile, January to February is not recommended due to the bad weather.

Is there an entrance fee to visit the Island?

There is no entrance fee to visit the Island. All you need to do is pay a one-time entrance fee for all places to visit in Komodo National Park. This entrance fee will include a visit to Siaba Island.

The Komodo National Park entrance fee is approximately IDR500.000 per person for the Liveaboard tour on the weekend. This is the fee if you join the 3 days Komodo Island tour. If you do a day tour, the entrance fee will be IDR350.000 for all places to visit.

For Indonesian or Kitas holders, the entrance for Komodo is IDR250.000 for a day tour and weekend trip. It is the same amount. All the entrance fees will be paid once you get to Komodo National Park.

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